From the Chief

Chief McCasky

With an eye on the future, the Lakewood Police Department looks for those with the right stuff.

When I joined the Lakewood Police Department in 1986, I had no idea that three decades later I would have the honor of now leading this amazing team of professionals.

Over the decades, I have seen a lot of changes. The one thing that has remained consistent in the department is its commitment to excellence. LPD maintains its high standards because of the character and devotion to community that each and every staff member brings to the job day in and day out. Whether a civilian or sworn employee, LPD exudes integrity, intelligence and initiative. In fact, that’s our motto.

That is what first attracted me to this department and what has kept me here for 30 inspiring years.

We have proudly grown to more than 400 dedicated public servants and are looking to build this force even stronger. That’s why I’m excited about our new recruitment efforts. We are looking for the best and the brightest to join our team and serve our residents at the highest level.

For those considering a career in law enforcement and want to become part of a team that has a national reputation for excellence, please explore this site to learn more. 

I would encourage potential LPD members to sign up for a ride-along to get a first-hand look at the day in the life of a Lakewood Police agent.

Our LPD team consists of civilian and sworn employees – all with the common goal of serving and protecting our community. In addition to a competitive benefits package, we offer paid training and opportunities for advancement and special assignments. We embrace leading crime-fighting strategies and technologies to serve the needs of residents. We take the most pride in our community-centered policing that has brought us national recognition.

No matter what role one serves on LPD, if you are looking for meaningful work, a chance to make a positive difference in people’s lives and enjoy a unique, challenging and exciting career, we offer a culture of excellence and support.

If you want to answer a call greater than to one’s self, we want to hear from you.


Daniel McCasky

Chief of Police