Training Academy

The Regional Training Academy conducted by the Lakewood Police Department and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office allows law enforcement agencies from all over the metro area to train their recruits the same way at the same time. The police recruit academy is a full-time, 24-week training program. During the academy training, recruits receive instruction in firearms, arrest control, driving, the Colorado Criminal Code, Municipal Penal and Traffic Code, Spanish language for law enforcement, police department policies and procedures and in-depth officer safety training.

Recruits receive a salary while attending the academy and are eligible for a salary increase upon successful completion.

Following the academy, recruits enter a 16-week field training program. Recruits are paired with highly trained agents and work four 10-hour shifts each week. Field training is intended to give recruits instruction, direction, supervision, guidance and experience so they may develop good judgment, efficiency and good habits of conduct and appearance.