Pay & Benefits

The City of Lakewood respects the service of their sworn personnel by providing compensation which keeps Lakewood on top of the market in the whole Rocky Mountain region.  With eligibility for salary increases occurring regularly, based on successful job performance and/or promotional opportunities, your room for growth professionally and financially is in your reach!   

Police Agent (Officer) Annual Salaries:

  • Upon Hire as an Academy Recruit: $75,000.00
  • Entry into Field Training:                 $80,025.00
  • Graduation from Field Training:      $85,386.68 
  • Two Years from Date of Hire:          $91,107.58    
  • Three Years from Date of Hire:       $97,211.79  (Lateral & Veteran starting salary)
  • Four Years from Date of Hire:         $103,724.98  (Lateral with 4 years of patrol experience) 
  • Five Years from Date of Hire:         $114,380.00 (Lateral with 5 years of patrol experience)  

All increases are contingent upon successful job performance and available budget dollars.
*Additional qualifications must be met for lateral and veteran starting salary.

Promotional Positions:

  • Sergeant Pay Steps: 
    1. $122,958.50
    2. $127,360.41
    3. $131,919.92
    4. $136,760.00
  • Commander Pay Range:  $143,598 and up
  • Division Chief Range:       $175,350 and up 

Excellent benefits package, including:

  • 401a Money Purchase Retirement Plan (city contribution 13%, employee contribution 11%, with a 5-year graduated vesting)
  • 457 Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan (city contribution of 3%). 
  • Combined contributions from your 401a + 457 = 27% Base Contribution
  • Health Insurance Plans with HSA (city contribution up to $2,000/year)
  • Delta Dental and City Paid Vision Plan
  • Vacation Leave (96 hours/year for new employees, max out at 160 hours per year for tenured employees)
  • Sick Leave (96 hours/year)
  • Holiday Time (104 hours/year)
  • Overtime and Extra Duty Opportunities
  • Compensatory Leave allowance of 120 hours
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • City paid life insurance 1.5x salary
  • Tuition Assistance (up to $5,250 / year)
  • Free use of Lakewood recreation and fitness centers (Whitlock, Green Mountain, Carmody, The Link) 
  • Discounted Golf at Fox Hollow and Homestead 
  • Apple iPhone for business use
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Wellness Program with Free use of Police Gym.  
  • Uniform Dry Cleaning
  • Long Term Disability Insurance
  • Duty Death Disability Plan