Hiring Schedule

Lakewood Police Recruits attend our Police Academy right here in Lakewood, CO. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Lakewood Combined Regional Law Enforcement Academy is a 24-week program designed to prepare graduates for a career as Colorado POST certified law enforcement officers. The academy trains officers from numerous municipal, county, and state agencies and is recognized as a leader in law enforcement instruction statewide.

We offer two police academy classes per year, typically in January & July (Dates Subject to Change).  We also offer monthly testing, which is usually around the third week of the month (Dates Subject to Change): 

  •  If you are interested in January Academy Testing, you will complete testing from June through October
  • If you are interested in July Academy Testing, you will complete testing from January through May.   

Applications are open on an ongoing basis and you can access them via this site on the home page (www.JoinLakewoodBlue.com) or via Lakewood.org/jobs or https://lakewood.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/en-US/Careers

The order in which you will complete our testing is the following.  Each additional step is dependent upon your successful completion of the previous step.  Out-of-State or Long Distance Applicants are able to complete a condensed hiring process which involves two total visits to Lakewood, CO. Those applicants will complete Steps 3 through 6 in one visit.  

  1. Complete Application: www.JoinLakewoodBlue.com, www.Lakewood.org/jobs or https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/lakewoodco

  2. Application Screening: Completed by the City of Lakewood.  Those who pass are then invited to select a testing date.

  3. Entry Level Written Test: In-Person at the Lakewood Police Dept., CO.

  4. Essential Functions: A Physical Agility test In-Person in Lakewood, CO.

  5. Structured Oral Interview: In-Person at the Lakewood Police Dept., CO.

  6. Polygraph Examination: In-Person at Amich & Jenks, Wheat Ridge, CO. 

  7. Job Suitability & Psychological Evaluation: Virtually. By Appointment. 

  8. Background Investigation: Completed by Lakewood Police Investigators.

  9. Drug Screening: In-Person, Lakewood, CO. By Appointment.

  10. Medical Examination: In-Person, Lakewood, CO. By Appointment.